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Yeah Zarla!

I saw Zarla's music video a long while back and I really see where you're coming from with your animation! I like it bunches but there is just one thing... that pen. I really can't keep myself from being a little annoyed that it looks like a dancing limp pen is. Really good, but, just can't get past that fact. Sozz. :D

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This isn't the worst...

There are many things in the coming future that will be obscenely offensive defacing Michael Jackson and this is not one of them. Although I can decisively say that this is no where nearly similar to the Vietnam memorial in almost any way other than his name I still think the tribute deserves some merit. A radio player for songs like Thriller, video's of Michael and such would have been a much more in depth user friendly application and I am afraid this tribute you made really isn't worth visiting more than once.


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gt44coder responds:

Actually in terms of using simplicity to serve its purpose, it's exactly like the Vietnam memorial. The VM is not heavily decorated, and its main structure is basically a slab of stone with the names of those who served. Many disapproved of such an idea because it was not the norm to honor veterans through, "simple" ways. But eventually, the memorial became an instant hit. People, instead of being mouth dropped by the memorial, dropped on their knees and cried. They began to leave gifts and letters at the memorial, decorating it with their own memories.


This was hilarious!!! I love all of your work but this really doesn't seem to be your best one. In other flash animations that you have done there are many jokes that range from slapstick to political humor. This animation really seems rushed and doesn't achieve the same level of greatness that I see in your other works. Still finniest thing I have seen all week and well worth 5/5 and 9/10!

Keep up the great works!

Well...its it

Has some substance. Could be better vocally though.


Nice flash submission. I like the animation and story lines of your flashes a lot. They are pretty comical. Some user-control over your flashes may add to the enjoyment. Something along the lines of a start, pause, and volume button can be very useful. But still, keep up the good work.

Good, but could have been better

An excellent song and good animation. Why the Michael Jackson opening screen? Why did it have to come out of his pants? Why was there no reference other than length to the actual Longcat picture? (Just guessing its based off of this pic) Lastly, the voice of the cat was VERY quiet, some audio adjustment is definitely needed.
A revamped version of this would be very interesting to see. ^^

Well done!

Very funny. ^^ I liked it a lot although there seemed to be a lot of down time (pausing) between responses. Still this is a great flash movie and well deserves the front page. I hope the guy isn't dead lawl. Cant wait for the other parts.

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RhysMus responds:

no hes not dead, hes just Milk-da-field........ *looks awkward*


I thought the chew toy was the dogs mouth! This is a very cute flash. ^^ Well done very fluid animation.

Owned by a roller...

Aren't we all. ^^
I really appreciated the PM from you about the review I made about the last work you submitted. Its nice that you liked my ideas for improvement of your flash and by the looks of it you took quite a new look on your animating based on not only my review but others. Really good job but still... music would be nice. Keep up the good work. ^^

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